Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Oh yeah i have a new super new meta tag for my ultra advanced profession:


{ a mix of developer and designer }

And i tell you: i love the new words that can define me in time.

Monday, August 13, 2007

AJAX SPRY framework exPerience

The last two weeks i was working in a new website for a european chemical corporation.
A basic one, the everyday work, todo fine, BUT se me ha ocurrido la idea de usar AJAX for the load of the pages into a dynamic DIV container.
Bad decision for SEO, but me dí cuenta tarde so, luego de más de dos días investigando, tuve que quitarme todo el AJAX hecho con el framework de Adobe, SPRY, and do the classic static no JS menu, with a full path to the pages and thats it.
In this episode of my dev life, i learn two basic things.
First of all, (the worst is that i already know this) i must research more before embrace some widget or framework to do the navegability or the main functionality of a site, too for optimize the links inside and outside a project with the mind looking in a good SEO, the most important thing for a client that cares for the search engines like Google.
So, in despite of this experience and after a lot of hours to improve AJAX in this project, if i left behing SEO against a good user experience im a big fool. So for the next time, the equilibrium will be in the classic WC3 recommendations for navigation, the Google advices for a correct coding and finally the correct application in a correct context of ANY framework.
Sometimes speedup a project may delay some other vital aspects of the web development.
So, dear apprentice, be carefull with the sirens, the gnomes and the stars of the web dev vedettes resources.

Ah! the project goes well, and finished properly with HTML 4 and CSS 2, an hybrid layout with two tables and DIVs for all elements.

Pd: the SPRY framework ( i use for this mentioned dev 1.5 beta release) works fantastique, the accordion widget is amazing among others widgets!
BUT you know, there´s a bug on Firefox that looses the focus quickly when you make the first onClick over a any Tab.
So...keep watching this SPRY team.